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A Gnarly Word of Warning

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Directly after the 2020 Elections in New Zealand, the Lord spoke a Word to me regarding a matter that is dear to His heart.

He registered His extreme displeasure to do with how those of Faith have spoken about a ‘brother’ during the run up to Election Day.

He was very stern as He indicated that those of the Household of Faith who have spoken evil of a ‘brother‘, especially those in some form of leadership, those with influence, and those individuals or parties that have used social media to speak evil for political advantage, or for religious/political advantage—-

He said, that if these people do not REPENT then ‘HE WILL COME AND REMOVE THEIR CANDLESTICK OUT OF IT’S PLACE.’

This is such a serious warning that I daren’t even put an exclamation mark at the end of it.

I personally got quite a shock when He said this because I was not expecting Him to say anything so severe.

I knew He had been grieved during the electioneering process in NZ, but I did not for one minute think He would ask me to put out such a gnarly word.

In regards to this, there are some people who need to ‘go to their brother’ because to fully repent they need to see what damage they have caused and actually visit and dialogue with the person they have maligned, and put things right. They need to genuinely apologize.

Truly, we are in a ‘shake down’ time.

From everything regarding what and who we aligned ourselves with on voting day, what we said, wrote or communicated over the past months, and what we do and say now, will have a huge impact on whether we will be ‘promoted’ in this hour, and indeed whether we will be ‘on track’ to fulfill our destiny.

I can no longer say ‘Yes Lord, but no’ to His request that I post this.

Blessings to all.

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