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Updated: Jan 9, 2021

‘Be Dried Up! And I will make all your rivers dry!’ Is 44:27 So said the Lord to Babylon, as he laid out His plans to liberate those captive there. So, who did He purpose to use to dry up Babylon’s rivers? None other than Cyrus of Persia.

How did Cyrus and his troops accomplish this? They headed east to Babylon, went upstream from the the city and dug channels which diverted the Euphrates River allowing the army to cross into Babylon on the riverbed. While the inhabitants partied, Cyrus and his soldiers, clandestinely entered the city, and that very night King Belshazzar was slain and the liberation of the captives had begun.

King Belshazzar was really the last ‘river‘ to be ‘dried up’ in this tactical maneuver. The ‘flow‘ of his rulership and influence was immediately brought to nothing. His ‘light’ was snuffed out.

He’d been warned. The writing was on the wall, and as prophesied, the kingdom was taken from this ruler and and given to others.

How can this be a template for a modern day Cyrus to ‘dry up spiritual Babylon’s rivers‘?

And how can this endeavor be aided and facilitated in this poignant hour?

As is abundantly clear, Cyrus didn’t do this alone. He had an army, made up of soldiers from the Medes and the Persians. [Interesting observation here- they were not all the same, but yet they pulled together for a common aim.]



The captives in Babylon couldn’t even sing by her rivers—they hung their harps on poplar trees and wept. [Ps 137]

They mourned for their own country- a better place, as they remembered their beloved homeland.

Prophetically I believe this is a picture of the effect the ‘Babylonian rivers’ have on our spirit.

Our soul doesn’t sing. We get depressed and even weep. Because we know there is something better- someplace with life-giving ‘waters’ to imbibe. We have nothing good to offer to others because faith and hope are lost. We have nothing to nourish others with, nothing with which to slake their spiritual thirst.

How can the modern day inhabitants of a country help Cyrus to ‘dry up the rivers’ and so liberate the captive ones- captive in the mind to false narratives and ideologies being promulgated via the airwaves that individuals ‘drink’ from every day, every hour.

How can people be part of the answer? How can individuals help with the Cyrus mandate?

I believe it starts with us individually. After that, it will pack a greater punch by being a corporate dynamic, a corporate ‘drying up’ of a river that does not give life.


By refusing to ‘buy into’ the false narratives being promulgated.

By shutting off, or removing oneself from the ‘flow’ of that which darkens the mind, heart or spirit.

—One big dose of ‘the news‘ can leave even a dedicated soldier with that ANCHOR-less feeling!

By speaking truth. By getting in harmony and resonating with what heaven is saying now.

By being quick to hear, and slow to speak, slow to anger. [James 1:19]

By eschewing political correctness and the fear of man.

By asking the hard questions, and voicing inconvenient truths. By refusing to operate out of the religious spirit, which is comprised of Self-righteousness, Unrighteousness Judgement, Legalism, Opinion and Debate. [I have borrowed this short list from the late Prophet Bob Jones.]

By ‘rising above the airwaves’ and making declarations and decrees--from a place of spiritual authority--that counter erroneous narratives and release spiritual power backed up by heaven.

By reading The Good Book!

By not visiting the ‘Pawn Park’ [See my Word ‘The Mouse And The Caveat.’]

By walking in extravagant love.

By crying out ‘Restore!’ for every imprisoned [Trafficked] Woman, Man, baby and child. ‘And this is a people seized and spoiled, snared in holes--all of them; and they are hidden in houses of restraint; they have been for prey and there is no deliverer; a spoil, and none is saying Restore!’ Is 42:22 [Literal Standard Version]

By ‘Practicing the Presence.’ By being wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove. [Matt 10:16]

By refusing to listen to gossip. By not speaking evil of a brother. By remember that love covers. By treating others the way we wish to be treated. By putting a ‘watch’ over our mouth. Remembering Jesus said we will have what we say! [Mark 11:23]

By reminding ourselves we have been given power over all the power of the enemy.

By remembering we have authority to tread on snakes and scorpions [read viruses and plagues.] By remembering the we've been given The Keys of the Kingdom! Heaven allows what we allow! Heaven refuses what we refuse!

By disallowing all plagues and pandemics in our country! Not tolerating community transmission! End of story! Every day, every day, exercising our authority! Clue: Get gnarly here! Be vocal! We're are allowed to!


We are to become the river! Our ‘cry’ should be always be that which issues from the River of Life. For out of our innermost being will flow rivers of living waters! We are the River![John 7:38] The River of Life will supplant the 'Rivers of Babylon!!


Its in our power to be part of the Cyrus Company and to help ‘dry up’ that which is unhelpful, and to set captive ones free.


This river-drying scripture has been resonating through my soul for many weeks. I believe this is a NOW word for the followers of the Christ.

* 'The work of God is this- to believe in the One the Father sent!' [John 6:29]

9 Jan 2021

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