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Floating the Shares in the Company of the Profits

How can the prophetic ministry profit the church and the world at this time—a time when that ministry is being held up to ridicule by some, and perplexingly other prophets are backing out from words given; a time when ‘prophet-bashing’ has become a popular sport?


The Lord gave me a word for a certain Johnny-on-the-spot whom He showed me is a modern day Elisha [in reference to the Floating Axehead incident in 2 Kings 6:1-7].

In the narrative, Elisha accompanies the no-name, no-fame young prophets on an expedition to ‘enlarge’ their house, and he get’s caught up in an incident where he needs to retrieve a borrowed axehead from the water—which he does by floating it.


This morning, the Lord said to me that very thing is happening right now. We have an Elisha for our times, using the internet, to do this very thing!

Let me explain.

This morning I woke to a posting from Johnny Enlow, who has recently asked for dreams and words from prophetic people around the world—to bring those words and revelations and put them into the ‘pool’ of prophetic material that he is gathering—words that line up with the revelations that he [and other well-known prophetic voices] have been sharing abroad in recent times—well, today he was asking for VERY recent words to be shared.


Because he was ‘wowed’ by the words that had been sent to him, and he was acknowledging the value of those words—and asking for more NOW words!


Right there and then the Lord gave me this word for him [Johnny] because He showed me he is in essence fulfilling the Elisha Calling.

He is not saying ‘Bring your word,’ if you are a big-name, big-fame prophet.

No, he is saying—

‘I acknowledge all the unknown prophetic voices, who would like there to be a bit more room made for them’!

And as these little eaglets try to spread their wings, he is agreeing to ‘go with them and help them extend their territory and extend their house’.

He’s really saying ‘I am going to preside over The Company of the Prophets, and I’m going to ‘float the shares of the Company’, so no one loses out on his share of the profits’!

He is doing this by not only encouraging them to speak up, but also he demonstrates how to ‘float the shares’ by ‘floating a borrowed axehead.’


I saw Johnny do this the other day, live, when he ‘borrowed’ a word from Kat Kerr, on an Elijah Streams broadcast—then he immediately ‘floated her share’ by acknowledging that word was hers, and he ‘returned’ it to her, the author.

If he had not, then her ‘share’ of the prophetic message could have easily been lost in the prophetic stream that is fast flowing in this time.

The Lord says to me that Johnny is demonstrating the kingdom before the whole world—by highly valuing and collating the collective prophetic voice.

He is wanting each one within that large global body of prophetic people, to ‘get their share’ and ‘have their share’ of what is a corporate ‘now word’ to the church—

and to the world ]if indeed they are listening.]

If a young prophet ‘loses’ a cutting-edge prophetic word that belongs to another—drops it inadvertently into the ‘many waters’ of the prophetic, ‘Elisha’ is seasoned enough and mature enough to easily ‘float that prophet’s share’ and enable the young prophet to give it back to it’s owner.

The Lord says to Johnny ‘You embody the very heart of the prophetic—which is to want the sons to stand on the shoulders of the fathers.’

This ‘today Elisha’ is not saying ‘This his MY territory! Get away—this is my ground, and you cannot stand on it!’

No, he is welcoming the faceless little eaglets, and holds a tutorial on how to do it!

He does a LAB that some big ’daddy prophets’ could do with attending!

Have you observed how some push with the flank and the hoof and muddy the prophetic waters, time and time again?

Big voices booming over the top of other littler voices—their spiritual or natural children—in their great need to be ‘heard’, drowning out those who deserve a share?


Many today are casting highly valuable prophetic bread upon the waters.

This is the life-giving bread that will ultimately ‘drown out’ the secular narrative and the ‘religious’ narrative.

Johnny is not only doing the Elisha Task, but he is modeling it—the most powerful way to teach!

I think we all can have moments when we fail to give credit where credit is due—when teaching, writing or dishing up revelation. Or we carelessly push others off the ground of knowledge—through failing to understanding the culture of the Kingdom.

The culture of the Kingdom of God is to ALWAYS float the shares in the Company of their Prophets.


My Strong’s concordance says Jordan means ‘descender’. It’s a clue!

It was at the Jordan River that the axehead was floated!

If we will descend, and get a little lower, then Kingdom Culture will be our ‘norm’ and we will easily demonstrate the Kingdom we’ve been translated into!

To do so will be to our eternal profit!

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