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Lions Don’t Eat Hyenas

I believe I have a word from the Lord for New Zealand and beyond.


Lion kill hyenas. They hate them and kill them, but not for food.

Normally, lions kill for food; but although lions go after hyenas with a vengeance, they utterly refuse to eat them.

Here’s the reason:

Hyenas dig up the dead bodies of other animals and eat them!

So they are super ‘unclean’ and lions won’t touch them.

I wonder if you know where I am going with this..

I hear the Lord saying that if we want to retain our ‘roar’ we must be like the lion.

No digging up ‘the dead.’

No digging someone else’s ‘old man.’

No digging up someone else’s past.

No digging up someone else’s ’baggage.’

This goes against our religious sensibilities.

I hear the Lord saying He’s not interested in the past sins or failures of people! We might be- He isn’t!

I hear Him saying He has His own ‘Reset.’

I hear Him saying we have moved into the Kingdom Age. And He’s not interested in stuff that happened in the past. It’s like He is saying that we have a clean slate, as it were.

I hear Him saying that not only will we lose our ‘roar’ if we feed on these things, we will also not be fit to be in the army of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! What’s more- we will be in His way!

Most of us can probably ‘fess up’ to have a bit of hyena in us, and some may think it’s important and right to hold onto the failings and misdemeanours of others.

But I hear the Lord saying it is not His will for us to do this. If we do, we are in danger of missing the boat, in danger of missing the tide.

I for one, do not want to be in His way!

When Joshua encountered the Man with the drawn sword in His hand, and effectually asked

‘Are you for us or for them?’

-the answer was ‘No!’ In other words ‘Neither!’

-but as the ‘Captain of the Lord of Hosts have I come!’ [Joshua 5:13]

He isn’t coming to take sides, but to take over!

He is saying in effect ‘It’s My way or the highway!’

I think we’re about to experience what His leadership is really like!

Give hyenas a wide berth and know the times and seasons.

Best we get out of the road of the Captain, our Captain!

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