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Over MY Dead Body!

Recently I was in dialogue with the Lord about the need for a continuing call for radical holiness to go out into the prophetic 'river' -aimed at instructing the church in this hour.

And I was in mid sentence regarding the un-popularity of such a message in some circles

when He abruptly interrupted me by saying--


Frankly, I was stunned. It had never occurred to me that the Lord would ever use black humour to get a message across.

You might say to me 'No! He didn't say that! He would NEVER say that!'

My response would be--

'You're right! He didn't SAY it- He practically YELLED it!'

Let me explain.

I got two parallel messages from Him.

1) He really was being funny in a black humour kind of a way.

Those of us who understand the true message of the gospel know that it is ONLY THROUGH AND BECAUSE OF HIS DEAD BODY THAT WE CAN EVER BE A HOLY PEOPLE.

But He was using a common saying to emphasise what He was saying and to GET MY ATTENTION!

And He did! My attention was on steroids!

Did I laugh?

I did.

Was I surprised that I laughed?

I was.

Was the Lord offended at my amusement?



Because He fully intended to use black humour, in much the same way standup comedians do, to say something that only humour can carry, and even make it somehow more acceptable.

And He 'got it' that He'd made me laugh.

Honestly, the way He said it really was very funny. Very.

2) The other side of this is that He, at the same time, communicated another message regarding His complete and utter desperation that His people would become the holy nation He needs and intends us to be.

We will never be able to be anointed, gifted and mantled to carry the glory, and operate out of the glory realm unless we are 'squeaky clean' and walking in holiness.

WE are His emissaries.

'BE HOLY AS I AM HOLY.' [1 Peter 1:16]

There wasn't just a desperation to His cry- there was a determination, that one way or the other, He WILL have a people of purity.

He said that we can come 'the easy way, or the hard way!'


His longing, His need, His dream, His tiredness of waiting, His frustration, His anguish-

all were communicated to me [along with the humour] in that one very short sentence.

It was His complete anguish that pushed me to write this possibly controversial word.

Truly, it was heartbreaking to hear the excruciating ache in His soul, that I found so very moving.

But this is not just a call to hear the heart of the Lover of our soul, but this is also a warning.

Because He is coming ready or not.

And for those who are not ready, they could find themselves trying to hide under the piano, or find themselves trying to get under the floorboards!

He is a consuming fire, and His glory is weighty. Very weighty.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. [Provers 9:10]

The love for the Lord is the 'end' [completeness] of wisdom.

We get to choose.

I reiterate-


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