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A Thirty Year Pregnancy

When I was given a word thirty years ago about a coming Cyrus figure, I had no idea that I would experience a three-decade long ‘pregnancy’ of a prophetic nature. I’d heard of authors saying they were ‘pregnant with book’, but this was going to be a long affair, and I’d have no clue where it would take me.

Over these past long years, as I’ve looked at the life of the original King Cyrus, and as this word formed and grew in me, the obvious questions arose. Who could be the modern-day Cyrus, a kind of secular shepherd, who would answer the call to accomplish the Cyrus Mandate? Who, when, where, what and why?

Fish and Chips

June 2020 was when my ‘baby’ did a flip and let me know it was getting ready to be delivered. June 2020 was was the month I was introduced to the ’man from up north’ - Billy Te Kahika. Billy [whom I will refer to as BTK] was spearheading a brand-new grassroots ’peoples movement' aimed at essentially returning NZ to an earlier time, when the umbrella of national sovereignty was a lot more intact.

Back in June, and until now, BTK has been quick to say, "I'm as ordinary as fish and chips." His way of saying, "I'm nothing special." But how many individuals in NZ, through a great love and concern for this country and its people, were wrestling with the track NZ was going down, to the point where it kept them up at night? Right there, I’d say, there’s nothing ‘fish and chips’ about this First Nations individual with the heart of a warrior. What he calls ordinary, I would call humble.

Back to the Future At the risk of making a comparison using a much-used phrase, King Cyrus the Great effectually enabled those he was sent to rescue, to ‘go back’ to their homeland. To go back to what they knew. To go back to their former way of life - that which worked for them. This is the vision BTK has, namely to see NZ go back to having the God-given rights and freedoms that are apparently being eroded at an increasingly alarming rate. To go back to a time when New Zealanders felt they had some sort of say in the democratic process. When referendums were binding and unbiased. When there was a lot less legislation around things like farming. A time when NZ was on a completely different track than she is now. BTK has a vision for a future that looks a lot like the past with innovative and inspired improvements. Freedom's Ramparts Many good and talented people care passionately about the moral and social issues of our times. Equally pressing is the financial headache threatening to become untenable and part of a deep chronic malaise. But there is a larger, overarching item that is screaming for repair. The umbrella of National Sovereignty is full of holes, and soon won’t amount to anything greater than a flimsy summer parasol in tatters. 

Interestingly, King Cyrus was called ‘a bird of prey’, and likewise BTK has his eagle eye firmly and sharply on this vital issue. Sine Qua Non BTK understands this phrase, ‘Sine qua non’ -without which nothing. BTK is cognisant of the fact that without this ‘umbrella’ the ‘freedom's ramparts’ that we sing about in our National Anthem would no longer be ours. He understands that from heaven’s perspective, God is the ‘God of Nations’, not the God of Globalism, however well-meaning Globalists may be. It is simply not heaven’s way of doing things. God is into countries with borders. BTK understands that without those protective ramparts, that which is ‘without’ is free to become ‘within’. And NZ would be changed forever. He understands that without our umbrella, we have nothing. Because we will lose our sovereign freedom to address the issues ‘under the umbrella’.

One of BTK’s many strengths is this - the desire to see NZ retain it’s identity of being an independent nation, and not a globalised country. As he has recognised the quiet ‘makeover’ that NZ has been undergoing for decades, his mind, heart and soul are loudly urging ‘Send My People Back!’

With the Suddenness of a Comet Some have said ‘Where did this fellow from up in the bush come from?' ‘Never heard of him!' Fascinatingly, the AMPL Bible side-notes say Cyrus ‘comes with the suddenness of a comet’ in reference to the hard-hitting and impactful sudden arrival of the ancient Cyrus on the scene. [Is.41:25]

Don’t be fooled. Nothing about BTK’s current life is ‘by accident’. Counting back, the date I received the word about him puts him at eighteen years of age! As with the original Persian Statesman, nothing here is coincidental. Destined before he was born is written all over him. Even his mixed ethnicity makes him imminently qualified to lead such a movement.

I Saw You Under the Fig Tree A certain bible character was promised revelations above his companions simply because he was spied ‘under the fig tree’ and was perceived to be ‘without guile.’  As with Nathaniel, BTK’s ambitions have nothing to do with obtaining political gain or fame. With great sincerity he has seen a need. He has seen a people whom he has a genuine care and respect for. And he rose to the the challenge, hardly knowing at the time, that he was hand-picked for a task. And, as with King Cyrus, that hand had been upon him since before he was born. 

An unlikely one, some would say. 

Yes, well guess Who is really good at picking the ‘unlikely’ one for a a particular leadership role? 

Ambition does not drive BTK. A cry for re-set, comes from within. A cry for turnaround drives him. A cry for the God-Agenda is dear to his heart. If you have an unclouded view, you only have to get near him, and it’s evident what he’s about. The most oft-repeated words I have heard from on high, as this prophetic 'baby' has let me know that delivery time is imminent, are these: ‘I have raised him up in righteousness, and will direct all his ways. He shall build my city and let my captives go [but] not for a price, nor reward.’ To see our rights and freedoms restored will be reward enough for BTK. What is my role in all of this? To be honest, this ‘word’ has grown to the size of a book! And only a book could do justice to the full revelation I have to deliver. But for the sake of space, suffice to say that the part I believe I am to play is to be the one to ‘deliver’ this word. To ‘herald’ the arrival on the political landscape of this man as being one of destiny and calling. 

The Burning Question

The question New Zealanders need to ask themselves is not whether BTK is experienced enough, righteous enough, Maori enough, White enough, theologically correct enough, equally-yoked enough, Pro-Life enough or anti-1080 enough.  In fact, only one question is needful, namely ‘Is this man heaven's choice?’ Is he the one called to be NZ’s current day Cyrus?

Author Lance Wallnau recently stated ‘Every nation has it’s Cyrus at this time.’ Anymore than we would have attempted to instruct God whom He should choose to free His people from Babylon all those centuries ago, can we try and instruct Him now?

But spiritual things are spiritually discerned. 

This has nothing to do with whom we would choose. But for those of faith, and even for those who are not of faith but have discernment, the question remains: ‘Who has Providence chosen for us?'

So back to my oft-repeated questions that I now know the answer to, regarding the 30 year old word given to me about the coming of a Cyrus:

Who?      Billy Te Kahika  Where?  New Zealand  When?    Now What?     To be God’s Cyrus Shepherd Why?      ‘Because I the Lord have chosen him for such a time as this.’

Paula Taylor

Into His Glorious Light


October 2020

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