The 2020 Cyrus Mandate for New Zealand

Thirty years ago the Lord spoke and said to me that a modern day Cyrus would come on the scene in due course. I had no clue as to who and when, but I continued to inquire of the Lord as to what He might add to my understanding. My knowledge of the historical Cyrus grew, as did my insight as to the nature of such a shepherd. [Is. 44:28]

I gained a clear picture that even as Cyrus the Great was not the expected type to be the deliverer of the Jews, himself being a Persian and outside the covenants and promises, so a modern day Cyrus would also be what many would consider ‘unlikely’.

So In June 2020, recognition brought relief and amazement when three decades after the original word was given, I finally discovered who the Lord was referring to. And that person was Billy Te Kahika [whom I will refer to as BTK]. It also fully dawned on me that BTK was only 18 years of age when I was first given this heavenly download!

His adult life had barely begun. 

Just as the coming of King Cyrus, foretold over 200 years before his arrival indicated that he was called long before he was born, so with BTK. Although this First Nations warrior has arrived suddenly on the political scene at this critical hour, this is no ‘fly by night‘ affair with the Lord. This was planned long ago and all of BTK’s life has been a preparation for what he is called to do.

And interestingly, the sudden showing up on the NZ landscape mirrors the original Cyrus’s arrival which is described thus: ‘He shall come against princes as mortar, and as the potter treads clay.’ [Is. 41:25]

In other words, exceedingly speedily and impactfully. Described in the Amplified Bible Side Notes as ‘coming with the suddenness of a comet!’ Our own BTK was catapulted into our midst with astonishing speed.

Essentially, even as King Cyrus enabled the Jews to ‘go back’ to their homeland, so it is in BTK’s heart to enable New Zealanders to ‘return’ to a time when the overarching umbrella of God-given rights and freedoms formerly experienced by the people of AotearoaNZ was strong and fully intact. Because it’s only when national and personal sovereignty is firmly in place, are we able to take care of the important issues that lie under the shelter and shadow of that covering. His heart is to take us back to an earlier time but with innovative and creative improvements.

He also understands that though there is a worldwide push towards globalism, that God has a different agenda for The Land Of The Long White Cloud. He has a passionate and clear vision for this and to facilitate NZ fulfilling her destiny.

Cyrus is described as a ‘bird of prey’ and BTK has got his eagle eye trained on these vitally important matters. [Is. 46:11]

I have followed BTK closely over the past few months and my family and I have been in contact with him on occasions. And what has amazed me is just how closely his character and nature align with the characteristics of the biblical Cyrus.

For the sake of space, and without going into detail, I have observed that, as with Cyrus, he has a shepherd’s heart, he has extraordinary love for New Zealanders, and he honours people’s rights to worship whomever they wish. [King Cyrus is historically famous for such a democratic disposition]. BTK has given of his personal substance to provide for those captive to poverty and homelessness. Also he’s not in this for fame or gain.

Is. 45:13 states ‘I have raised him up in righteousness, and I will direct all of his ways. He shall build my city and let my exiles go free [but] not for a price nor reward.’

This unusually transparent man is also a lover of the scriptures, a lover of God, values life from conception, an accomplished guitarist who loves worship and Christian and family values.

I must mention that certain experiences in life have shaped him and made him the person he is today - in ways some might stumble over because they haven’t ‘walked in his moccasins.’ One of those life-changing difficulties is that he has a vaccine-injured child, which is a life-long sentence for both parent and child. Knowledge of personal and experiential things he has walked through may bring understanding regarding issues around choice that he is a proponent of. I add this because it is a little known fact, and deserves a compassionate response.

Truth is, BTK has no ambition whatsoever to be a politician. But he found himself putting his hand up to be the front person of a grassroots people’s freedom movement, that eventually couldn’t go anywhere without becoming political in respect to the fact that we are, thankfully, a democratic nation.

I would dub him a ‘reluctant Cyrus’. 

Yet called, anointed and appointed I believe him to be. 

I also believe God is wanting His people in Aotearoa to align with Him. To align with His choice of leader to carry out the Cyrus Mandate. To align with what He is saying right now. To align with His agenda. That is what will please the heart of Father God.

It isn’t a matter of what we think about BTK- whether we consider he is or is not the individual of the hour to fulfill God’s purposes. 

We are called to ‘know no man after the flesh, but after the spirit’.

But spiritual things can only be spiritually discerned.

I have heard many things regarding BTK from the Father. Suffice to say here, perhaps the most telling one is that in God’s eyes, he is ‘without guile’. What a commendation from Heaven.

I believe Heaven is longing, even craving for the sheep of His pasture to come into agreement with the Lord in everything. What we think, what we see with the eyes of our heart, what we say, how we talk about others and how we treat people- how we handle them. This all matters vitally to God. For however we treat others, is how we treat Him. 

He wants our opinion to line up with His opinion. That effectively means we don’t have an opinion because we are ‘in Him’ and when we abide in the vine, we give up some of our ‘rights’.

This is what it means to live out of the culture of the Kingdom of God - the call of the hour.

To conclude, we can expect BTK to be one whose right hand is held by the Lord, and he will do all the Lord’s pleasure; he will go through ‘the double doors’ because God opens them before him. The Lord will loose the armour of ‘kings’, shatter bronze gates and cut through bars of iron, make crooked places straight and give to His chosen the ‘treasures of darkness’ and ‘riches stored in secret places’. [Is. 45 1-3]

BTK will experience much opposition, even as a King Cyrus did, but it’s clear from the scriptures - God is with him!

I believe the question we must ask ourselves is ‘Will we get onboard the Waka?’ Because it’s riding a massive rolling wave of truth and light. And it won’t be stopped - because Jesus is riding the wave! I believe He’s inviting us to join Him on what is becoming for Aotearoa, an unutterably unique nation-changing tsunami.

Paula Taylor

Into His Glorious Light

October 2020

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