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THE PROBLEM WITH DREAMS-- Addressing Prophetic Confusion in this Hour.

I love the way God speaks to us in dreams, but interpreting them rightly can be tricky.

I feel the Lord has said to me that some of the confusion in the prophetic arena right now is because some people have had dreams about ‘the President’ in recent times, but didn’t realise they were dreaming about themselves!

Let me explain—

Dreams are very often, probably most often, symbolic in nature. So, when dreaming about a president or a prime minister, we may well be dreaming about our own soul, and what is ‘presiding’ in our life at that time.

Presidents and prime ministers are those that ‘rule’ and therefore are the ‘head’ in a given situation.

The Lord can speak to us and reveal to us that we are dominated by our ‘head’ [mind] rather than our spirit, when what He is looking for is that we be ruled by our spirit man.

Warning dreams that ‘the president’ [or prime minister] will die or fail in some way will rarely be, in my experience, an indication of the physical demise of the same.

Dreams that the ‘president’ will ‘fail to continue to be in office’ or will ‘drown’ or come to a ‘sticky end’ —taken literally, can lead the dreamer to a wrong conclusion that causes confusion, perplexity, and possibly to shattered faith.

If we AND the president have our lives snuffed out, or something similar, there is an even greater likelihood that we are not dreaming about the president!

I propose that some prophetic people have been given a ‘heads up‘ from the Lord, in a dream, about their own ‘modus operandi’ --and that His desire is that the natural man and the natural mind ‘go to the cross’ and no longer ‘preside’ in their lives [represented by death or weakening of the person in the dream.]

When this kind of symbolism is interpreted literally -as referring to ‘the president’ -this is where prophecy from a dream can go dangerously wrong.

Some may feel that the current situation in the USA is not relevant to New Zealanders, but I believe, simply put, the global culture we find ourselves in indicates otherwise.

Whatever happens in the US is going to affect us here.

Confusion in regards to the prophetic is at an all time high right now, and it can be genuinely extremely perplexing when trusted prophetic people have given words about Donald Trump, only to retract them, possibly because of ‘negative’ dreams that ‘inform’ the overall message.

I dreamed once of Barack and Michele Obama in a race.

She, the athletic one, was way ahead, and reaching the finish line. He [with myself running closely beside him] was way behind, and struggling to catch up.

Upon enquiry the Lord said to me that Michelle represented my spirit—buoyant, alive, swift and having ‘finished my race’, but my soul [represented by ‘the presiding one’] was not at all in the same place! My soul was dominating. My soul was holding me back!

I was dominated by my mind, not my spirit! This dream had nothing whatsoever to do with the President or the First Lady, but about what they represented.

Great humility is needed I believe if we are to speak prophetically from a dream we’ve had. I feel the Lord is saying ‘mistakes have been made’ and ‘mistakes are being made’ because even His greatest and most anointed servants can miss it when interpreting a dream—especially when it involves president and prime ministers.

Having had a number of these kinds of dreams, I’ve learned the hard way about the mostly symbolic nature of these gifts from God!

May we, of the household of faith, dream dreams! And may we also rightly perceive what is thus being communicated from heaven!

Fact is, such a dream may be just 'all about you'!

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