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I HAD A DREAM some time back, in which I married Jesus and it was the morning after the wedding and we were lying together in a bed-

[Now don't go all stupid on me here - this is dream language; this is SYMBOLIC language - it is not literal!]

- and I was just enjoying the fact that we were one - which is the plan! - that we would all be individually united with He who is the Christ.

Then all of a sudden two women entered the room - literally sweeping in, in all their finery and strong personalities - everything our culture admires.

They were beautiful, they were fashionable, they were Christian - and influential in their faith.

They were what many would consider to be totally successful in all their endeavours, and as Christian women in our NZ society, they would supposedly be the ones who would be carriers of the all that was good and true.

They said with obvious genuineness-

'Congratulations! How wonderful!'

'We have come to honour you in what has happened - that you have been 'married' to the Christ!'

First of all, that seemed a lovely thing for them to do and I felt the warm glow of their congratulations and felicitations.

Then, to my surprise and increasingly conflicted emotions, they each presented me with the gift of a ring to put on my hands and proceeded to put the rings on my fingers - which they deftly did by way of celebration.

In the rush of it all I didn't know how to stop them.


I was overtaken by their 'niceness' and honestly didn't know how to refuse these important momentos.

These people were so 'generous-spirited' and so 'reasonable.'

But second of all, Jesus didn't stop me!

So quickly--it was all over!

There I lay with the Lord, having just been joined to Him, and I now had two rings on my fingers that had nothing to do with Him! I was joined to these other people. I was joined to another spirit! Another ideology!

Obviously, I knew it was all wrong! What had just happened?

[Very awkward moment!]

I awoke from my dream in the horror of what had just transpired; that I was wearing rings that He didn't give me!

I asked the Lord what had just happened; why I felt such an obligation to accept something that was contrary to my present relationship with Him.

I will never forget what He said--

'Yes, you have an obligation, but it is not to the flesh.....' [Romans 8:12 'Therefore brethren, we have an obligation, but it is not to the flesh...']

He impressed upon me that this obligation that I felt coming from these two good ladies was in reference to an ideology and a narrative that is from 'another gospel'.

It was something I would never have expected to be promulgated by them.

I thought we were pretty much on the same spiritual wavelength.

I was shocked and wounded by my own actions.

The dream was over. It was too late! I couldn't take back what I had done!

I had 'betrayed' my 'heavenly spouse.'

This scenario is playing out before our eyes.

There is a real pressure to feel obligated to agree with things that do not line up with the Good Book.

Also there is a someone who 'changes the times and the law' and this is a narrative we must eschew. [This spirit is always aboard in the earth.]

A voice that says--'Times have changed.' [The old no longer applies.]

'We need new laws.' [We've moved on from all that old-fashioned, outdated and ignorant stuff.]

And that is taking place before our very eyes and ears.

This is a call to 'buy into' a belief system of a much more tolerant and 'compassionate' God than the God of the Bible.

It is as though God no longer agrees with Himself!

He's apparently 'changed His tune.'

Those who are ostensibly 'awake' to these changes in God's narrative, would bring to bear upon 'the unenlightened' a sense of indebtedness to believe and preach 'the new' and more enlightened version of the 'Good News.'

My dream was prophetic. It warned me of what was coming. I knew it was for a future time. That time is now.

I asked the Lord what title to give my dream. [I had lots of ideas!]

He said to call it 'Two False Witnesses.'

I see the wisdom of that title. because these good people in my dream are 'witnessing' one way or another - even if it only involves who they vote for, or the policies they align themselves with.

Even these things 'witness' to us and influence us.

I have felt strongly to share this - the pressure and obligation I felt, and just how confusing it was in the moment - how I couldn't even think straight, regardless of the 'Presence' that was beside me.

Another gospel is 'witnessing' to us. We must discern it, and turn away and say 'no'.

It sounds good, looks good, feels good--but it is a false gospel.

[Scary thing - He didn't stop me! Think about that for a moment!]

Better to take the 'Fellowship of His Suffer-Ring' - it will RING true.

Blessings to all.

May 10, 2021

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